Hey, I am Sandra, aka your Alba, and I am the designer and creator of the cards and creations you will see on those pages. I discovered card making and paper creations in 2016 and did not stop trying to improve my skills since then, making a point of creating each day a card. Now that I feel confident enough to show (and maybe start selling) some of my work, I am happy to present those daily creations to you 🙂

Dream Cards By Alba was born after a succession of changes and events in my life.

While I was forced for a long period to stay home because of health issues, I came to start different hobbies, among which stone working and papercrafts. But very quickly, I came to card making and have been “infected” by the virus.

As in Germany where I live Card Making is not very known or popular, I have stumbled very quickly on issues to find the proper provider, and it brought me quickly to start getting my materials and elements in the UK or US, where the choice and options are infinite.

Why “by Alba” ? Well Alba is the name of a character I have been playing in an online role game I was playing intensively (and still am) when I started created cards. And my first creations were including those characters through screenshots I have been printing and using to please and surprise friends.

Very quickly however my inspirations source enlarged, but I still enjoy here and then to create a card based on one of the Final Fantasy XIV characters I know.

I wish you will enjoy the trip through the pages and will share it around if you do so ;). Feel free to leave comments or let me know if you wish to see specific type of cards along those pages.


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Thanks again !

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