Hello everyone and welcome to my Sunday post.

Today for once the title of my post is in french, and the reason being that I am terribly missing my birth place today, by the sea. This quote is from a very old french song which you can hear here and while I am not as old as that song, I have heard it often in my childhood. I was indeed born by the sea, and water generally has always been my basic element. I don’t know where this nostalgia comes all at once, but I decided I will craft this week cards around the sea and marine themes. Let’s see where it brings me.

So to start this series, I have created that card this morning, which mixes an anchor, the blue and white colours I love so much and different element, sun, waves, etc.

I really hope you will like it. If yourself have some crafts of all sorts you have created around this theme, please feel free to drop them in the comments below, I will be really pleased to watch them 🙂

I wish you a wonderful Sunday, and I see you tomorrow !

Your Alba

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