Hello 🙂

As I mentioned on the YouTube video, I am really getting up to speed with video editing and it is so much interactions possibilities that I will try to post a video a day this week !

Basically I am just letting the camera run when I work and I edit the result afterwards, which makes it much easier and less stressful. So you will see the mistakes too 🙂

So today I went for a shutter card that I have seen done in several videos on the net, and while I have done a couple of mistakes when working out my version, I am pretty happy with the result so I might redo a couple for my Etsy Shop.

Here are the measurements, this time in inches only as, as said yesterday, I kind of give up on centimetres at the moment, because of imprecision always coming up.


  1. Base card :
    • 8″1/2 x 5″1/2
  2. Second card stock colour: (Blue in my case)
    • 2 pieces 5″3/8 x 2 “
    • 2 pieces 4″x 3″x/2
    • 5″1/2 x 3″
  3. Designer paper
    • 2 pieces 5″1/4 x 1″7/8
    • 5″3/8 x 2″7/8
  4. Ribbon
  5. Glue
  6. Stamp

The card is a bit tricky regarding how the mechanism work so I added indications on the video. You may have to adapt your own shutters if you want a bigger opening for a bigger sentiment. That is what I did on mine as the first run was leaving me not enough space.

Try it out, it is a really fun project and it really makes a nice card 🙂

I see you tomorrow again, this time with a card decorated with Quilling !!!

Have a wonderful evening.

Your Alba


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