Hello everyone !

As announced in the title the video of the day is about a peekaboo Card which is a really fun project to work out and gives a lot of possibilities to surprise your beloved one with a hidden image or message.

Without waiting any further, I will give you the measurements for the card stock and designer paper you will need, as again, in centimetres still, but I must say as in between I stopped working with centimetres, which are much too imprecise for me when I work on cards, it may be the last time I do.

Should you, however, really need the measurements in centimetres (maybe if you do not have any inches ruler or trimmer) for the upcoming projects, just drop me a comment, and I will work out the metric sizes.

  1. Base card
    • 21,5 cm x 14 cm scored at 10,7 cm in the length
    • 20,9 cm x 14 cm scored at 6,9 cm in the length
    • 14,6 cm x 14 cm scored at 0,6 cm in the length
  2. Designer paper
    • 13,7 cm x 13,7 cm
    • 10,4 cm x 13,7 cm
  3. Second card stock colour (I have taken white too here because of my designer paper)
    • 10,4 cm x 13,7 cm
    • 13,7 cm x 13,7 cm
    • 6,6 cm x 13,7 cm
  4. scraps for the scallops
  5. Scallops die cut or any form matching the window you create
  6. glue
  7. double sided tape
  8. stamp
  9. ink
  10. decoration of your choice

Let me know if you try it and how did it go 🙂

I see you tomorrow,

Your Alba


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