Hello everyone !

I hope you had a very nice week end !

I had myself a mixed one but well. So is life, sometimes a roller coaster.

So I have published a new video today about two cards, one pretty easy, the square one, which I guess you can redo in the measures you want without any issues.

The three step stamping one requires on the other side precise measurements and for this reason I will give you those in inches for once, as I find it is much easier to be sharp that way.

For your base card (which is white in my case)

1 piece  8 “1/4 x 5 “1/2

1 piece  5″1/8 x 3″3/4

1 piece 3″5/8 x 2″3/8

1 piece 2″3/8 x 1″1/8

Card stock 2 (red one in my case)

1 piece 5″3/8 x 4″

1 piece 3″7/8 x 2″5/8

1 piece 2″5/8 x 1″3/8

I have also taken on board the feedback received after the video n°2 and I reduced the speed of the video so that you can really have time to check all the steps.

I hope it will help and you will give a go to those pretty cards ! Do not hesitate to show me yours 😉

I see you tomorrow in any case !

Your Alba

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