Hello lovely readers !

I hope you are well today 🙂 I have been having kind of a busy day today, taking care of my hubby who is at home sick, and also now that my hoover is fixed, could run through the apartment and clean in all corners (it was dead since about two weeks). Not that I have not been cleaning, but a broom is not really the same than a hoover (my opinion).

I also have found a new line in my local shop for showers, body lotions and everything and I just LOVE them, as they are all around fruits so of course I gave a go to the Raspberry shower (I am CRAZY about berries 😛 ) and it is … sweeet and really really pleasant !

Anyways ! Back to my favorite topic: Cards !

And today I have been working to start creating my stash for the German section of my Etsy Shop and creating the draft for a birthday card order which I am excited to work on as the theme is rather different of my usual ones. It’s getting nice !

So here are the results of my works of today :

First the gift set that I had started creating in my first video  and for which I have created the sentiments and the box, both in German. “Gute Laune Macher” means something like “Good mood creator” in German. The four cards can be used for different occasions and recipients according to the needs. I think it is a nice attention.

Then the pop up card, based on the mechanic of the card I have created in my second video but with different colors and theme, as this time the “ich denk an dich” means “I think about you”. I have adapted the system a bit ad the back of the central part is golden and not neutral.

Then I have worked on that draft but I will not post anything yet as It is not the final version and I did not send it yet to my customer.

I hope you will like the cards ! If you want any information, just drop me a comment !

I see you tomorrow 😉

Your Alba

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