Indeed I have been creating a third card today and this was a big premiere for me as I wanted long to try a shutter card but did not trust myself.

Here it is finally :

So first what is a shutter card ? Well a card in which some elements are shuttled 🙂 In that case small green sequins which are moving freely behind an acetate window to suggest the bubbles one could see under water where my fishies are supposed to be floating 🙂

The technique is not very complicated but required a bit of focus: You basically create a cut in the front layer of your card, and mask it with acetate glued on the back. then on a different layer (if possible with a different paper ) you create a scene with fix elements and add some foam pad under some of the elements to give dimension and shadow. You add some foam tape around the scene to put some border and not see the sequin disappear in the bottoms of the card and you pour the sequins in the area which is supposed to be visible through the window. Glue both layers together, that is it !

One thing to pay attention to: The acetate tends to be fully loaded with static electricity and may prevent your sequin from moving if you do not remove the charge. You can either use a specific little tool for it (which I don’t own) or simply pass a metal ruler several times over the acetate before closing the layers. It is not as effective but it helps a lot 🙂

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed it 🙂

I may be back later on today with another post but for now, I wish you all a splendid Saturday !

Your Alba

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