Hello everyone !

I hope you are all well. Yesterday although I have tried the whole day to come to my blog, the time was simply not there !

Nevertheless I have prepared some cards and of course thought about what I would do next 🙂

So without losing any more time here we go for Card number 1 which is for me kind of a fail… I explain. I wanted to try creating this “gate” card by marrying two kind of papers I had, both with caked and pastries on it. I wanted therefore to glue both together and work them out. While the technique worked, and I indeed have at the end a gate card with both papers, I am pretty unhappy about the look of it. too busy, hard to decorate without getting outta good taste, and in the end a fail in my opinion.

I show you therefore this card, but this is probably not one I will redo with the same pattern. I will go for a neutral base and a designer paper, but not twice a designer paper, as married as they could be.

Tell me what you think 😉 and let’s go to card 2 in the next post !

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