Hello crafters and readers (who hopefully happen to be sometimes the same on those pages 😀 )

First about yesterday: was a busy day for me, and I did not manage to sit at my craft table until late, so I decided to not start and spoil everything. Instead have done a bit of research concerning my videos and I have found an arm for my camera which hopefully will help filming the table and what I do instead of my walls xD.

Today I have been digging in my idea notice book and found two cards I wanted to try for long but did not manage so far to find the time for.

Here is card number 1:

It is a square card which does not look very complicated but required quite some work:

First the cutting and folding itself is kind of tricky to create the fold which creates a kind of box when the card is open. I will add the photo of the template tomorrow when I create a similar card.

Then the little bird is basically a stamp which i have colored and hand cut and needed some time to dry. Then finally the designer paper I have used is supposed to represent old newspapers, in Gothic fonts, and I wanted to make sure those align.

The whole gives a little vintage look to the card which I have designed with in mind a person a bit older to receive it, or somebody who likes old books for example.

I hope you like it 🙂

Do not miss my next card !

Your Alba


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