Hello everyone !

I am relatively sick today, woke up with a strong cold and frozen so I won’t make it long before I go back under my blanket ;).

I have created another box yesterday to shoot pictures of all the steps and add them to the post about creating boxes : Here.

Then I did not know what to do with the new box as I had no card matching the card color I used for the shooting so I decided to make a project around it, by creating a set of two birthday cards and gift tags to offer, for example, to twin girls having birthday (or keep it for two different occasions). Of course this also can be created with other colors or theme 😉 Christmas, Easter, and occasion where you need cards and gift tags !

Here is the result, the cards and tags are very basic but cute and the box can be kept for little souvenirs or just photos of the event !

I hope you like it, I will see you tomorrow hopefully with less fever and new cards !

Your Alba

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