Hello everyone !

Today I wanted to put a bit my stash of card in order, and I have decided to start creating boxes for some of them, the ones I really like actually. I usually store the cards in regular cellophane paper blisters but a matching box is always so much nicer.

So here are two of the boxes I have created this morning, I started with the box for the A6 cards as they are the easiest to do.

Indeed the only thing you need is a piece of card stock matching the card you want to box, or a white piece of card (that is what I mostly do for price reasons) and use either a matching designer paper, sentiment or color to compliment the box.

You basically then cut the A4 card stock to 29 cm in the length and leave the short side as it is.

Score your card in the length at 2,5 cm, 13,25 cm, 15,75 cm and 26,50 cm. (sorry the measurements may sound awkward but it is the workout from inches measurements), and on the short side Score at 2,5 cm from each rand, left and right.

You have now the pattern for your box, you just need to cut and glue the sides as below (hover on the pictures to see instructions):

I will use this as topic for my first video (still thinking about the method ) but should you have any question until then about the process, please drop me a line in the comments πŸ˜‰

I see you tomorrow !

Your Alba


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