Hello everyone !

I hope you are having so far a fantastic day ! I am in any case, and although I woke up earlier than planned with my head full of card projects, I have been also very productive, reviewing my social medias, and created my own YouTube channel too, which is still empty but at least reserved ! (the link is already active, you can already subscribe if you wish).

Now I need to find the right camera and start the whole process of filming 😀 So much things to discover and I am really excited about it.

If you are yourself YouTuber and have some tips regarding the settings or the material you are using, please drop me a comment !!! Much appreciated !

Back to my cards of the day, and indeed I gathered all 3 in one post against what I mentioned yesterday, simply because it is basically the same card, but declined in several versions as you can see. It is a very easy card to make, ideal to finish off your little scraps of designer paper if you have some.

Base is an A5 card folded and scored in its middle, as always count 0,25 cm on each side less to create the first layer and then 0,5 cm less to create the second layer.

The three scraps of designer paper are each glued on their own card stock piece for a better optic. You can cut them the dimensions you wish of course. Mine are 4,2 cm x 9,2 cm and I removed 0,3 cm on each side to cut my designer paper. For once the inside is not lined, as I really wanted to finish some card off, but it is absolutely possible to line it if wished.

How you decorate the front is really up to you, the color of the designer paper you are trying to use, and of course the occasion you want to create the card for. I let two of them without any sentiment this time.

The feather one because I believe it could be suitable for a new baby as well as for a cheer up card, the Elegant Couple one, cause I believe the message is clear enough only looking at the dimensional elements 😀

I really hope you like them and looking forward for your tips regarding YouTube and videos creation !

See you tomorrow !

Your Alba

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