Hello everyone !

I hope you enjoy a very sweet and lovely Monday with your beloved ones ! Even if it is my case, I used my morning to craft two cards I had in mind since a little while and I am presenting you those today !

And I want to give you the basic instructions to do this card yourself if you wish to give it a go 😉

First of all you will need three different type of card stock / paper. Simplest is to take a basic white for the basis and add a designer paper as well as a card from another color (matching if possible).

Here the measurements :

For the basis of your card you will need :

  • 1 piece cut at 21,5 cm x 14 cm, which you will score at 10,7 cm on the long side
  • 1 piece cut at 20,9 cm x 14 cm, which you will score at 6,9 cm on the long side
  • 1 piece cut at 14,6 cm x 14 cm, scored at 0,6 cm on the longer side too
  • 1 piece cut at 11 cm x 6,9 cm

For the Designer paper you will need :

  • 1 piece cut at 13,7 cm x 13,7 cm
  • 1 piece cut at 10,4 cm x 13,7 cm

For the second card stock color you will need :

  • 1 piece cut at 10,4 cm x 13,7 cm
  • 1 piece cut at 13,7 cm x 13,7 cm
  • 1 piece cut at 6,6 cm x 13,7 cm

This should give you approximately this :


Now the steps itself :

  1. First you will want to “pair” your papers to know exactly which one goes with which one:
    • Group A : the piece of your base card 21,5 x 14 cm + designer paper 10,4 cm x 13,7 cm + second Card Stock 10,4 cm x 13,7 cm. As you scored the long one about the middle of its length, you will find that the designer paper and the second card stock are going naturally on each side of the crease. (Second picture below, top card piece)
    • Group B : The piece of your base card 20,9 cm x 14 cm + designer paper 13,7 cm x 13,7 cm + second card stock 6,6 cm x 13,7 cm. The square designer paper goes on the bigger side of the base card, BUT the small one will go on the inside part (See second picture below, left card piece)
    • Group C : The piece of your base card 14,6 cm x 14 cm + second card stock 13,7 cm x 13,7 cm. Nothing to wonder about here. In case your color card has one side colored only like the pink one i used below, the designer paper should come on the white side for a better optic when the card is closed.
  2. Now you will need to get your glue the pieces of each group which will give you the below results:  
  3. Now, the whole charm of the card is about the peekaboo effect, and for this you need to prepare cuts. You can use circle, scallops, squares or rectangles, but easier is to use die cuts from a same series in different size.
  4. You will cut the front of Group A as displayed (with the form of your choice. But also, Group B on both side, making sure those match perfectly when B is folded. Same way, when B is folded and placed within A, the cuts should match too. (do not hesitate to use pencil to draw the place you need to cut, as long as you do not forget to erase the lines afterwards)
  5. You need to create with the same die cuts – the one you used for the cuts in the card and a slightly bigger one (See picture) – frames that you will glue around the cuts (on the sides that are up on the picture above).
  6. Once all of this is created and glued, you will glue together A and B, making sure the designer paper is always on the right side of the fold, even after being glued. That means, the larger side of B (obviously not the side with the designer paper) will be glued together with the back of A which wears the second card stock (See below) 
  7. Once this is in place, you should have the cover of the card like below (the B part), which opens on the inside of the A part (picture above)
  8. Of course we are not done at that stage. But time is for you to stamp the small side of B (the one that will become visible in the cut when you open the card). Up to you to decide the motive you want to use or the text, knowing this will only be revealed when the card opens. (See the pink card closed and opened does not show the same stamp). Make sure that the stamp is placed properly to be visible when the card opens.
  9. I also decorated the inside of the A part of the card (as you can see with the umbrella in the green card) but this is not mandatory. You can also leave space for the wishes to be written.
  10. last but not least, we need to attach C to the card. How ? easy : Glue the small border you have creased at the beginning (0,6 cm) exactly at the end of the designer paper of A.
  11. Basically if you do it right, your card should present this kind of crease :


Decorate and play around the front of the card as wished !

I hope you like it and if you give it a go, please show me how it looks like !

Happy Easter again and see you tomorrow !

Your Alba !





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