Hello everyone !

I hope you had a fantastic week while I was away ! I had a very nice one, although the weather could have more played with us but I don’t complain. I have been of course reading and thinking about new designs or projects and I could not wait to get my hands on the new corner my husband has been organising for me in our living room. I will probably do another post about it, it is not a big crafting room but it is already much more practical than what i had and I am in love with it !

So also while I was gone my Spectrum Noir Alcohol markers have arrived and this morning I have given it a go with two random pictures I wanted to try my hand on.

This is the result of my very first trial :

The paper was not the right one nor my color choice (at least for the blonde woman) but I got a good feeling on how those markers work.

My second try went much better in my opinion (but tell me what you think ? ) as I have found a better way to blend colours and get shadings on my stamped base.

Of course I could not NOT MAKE a card this morning so I have created a double slide card, and again, had some issues with the ink pad of the cheap brand (which is not drying very quickly AT ALL) but I guess it does not show that much on here.

No further explanation on that Easter Sunday which I hope you spend with family and beloved ones 🙂 Happy to be back and looking forward to hear from your feedbacks !

See you tomorrow !

Your Alba.

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