Hello everyone I hope you are all having a great sunny day ! Here in Berlin for once, it is really really nice weather, shame I need to pack !

Before doing this though, I have decided to review a bit my stash and use the little bits remaining of my past weeks crafting in a nice way.

Here are the results 🙂

First a set of vintage tags that I have combined and dressed up to craft some nice bookmarks. The pink one has been victim of a little accident, due to bad quality ink, I have tried to let them dry long enough but apparently this one just won’t. I will not buy it again, clearly. Back to Distress Inks !

The others have been created with a mix of materials and papers or card stocks die cut, punched or just recycled (the black and silver one has a layer created with pastry paper doily).

I will probably take a couple with me to offer if occasions come up.

The second craft of this morning is a gift box, ideally to offer jewels or small items in a special and personalized way, or keep some precious souvenirs. For example a piece of your wedding veil if you had one or an item you cherish particularly.

I hope you like both creations, as said several times this is my last post for now as I am away the next week, and until then I wish you all a fantastic time and lots of fun !

See you soon  !

Your Alba


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