Hello everyone !

I really hope you are starting the week end in a fantastic mood ! I for my part woke up pretty early after a short night but got full of ideas so I went directly to my crafting table 🙂

I am happy to show you the two cards I have created this morning and I hope you will like them.

The first one is based on one of the watercolor paintings I have been preparing yesterday, mixed with a printed screenshot of the online game I am playing daily : Final Fantasy XIV.
The Japanese garden of the picture I painted reminded me that in game, my husband (the sexy Aura on the left of the screen shot) has the very same red bridge in his house’s garden. I have therefore added a filter on the screenshot to enhance the green tones, printed, trimmed and die cut the photo to match the theme of my card.

The card itself is a slightly different version of the step card I have done a while ago (See Sample 3 ) which I wanted to have full of flowers and green joyful colors, emphasizing the sentiment I have stamped and decorated “Live Life in Full Bloom”

I hope you will like it !

The Second card is a bit more classic on the colors and theme, but not in the shape: a Zig Zag Card, not exactly the same type I had created for the other Final Fantasy XIV occasion  but still a zig zag card which I personally find really pretty and perfect to celebrate a woman’s birthday:

Now you must be wondering, why I mention a different Saturday in the title of this post ? Well easy, it is the last Saturday before a week away, and a week without crafting… I will miss it I am afraid. But well, sometimes it is good to have some time to brainstorm too.

I hope you will like both creations and if so, thank you to give it a like, it is always nice to know you like what you see here.

See you tomorrow for the last cards I go !

Your Alba

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